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Little Dragons Basic (Ages 6-7) Registration

Thank you for choosing to register your child for the Dragon Force Little Dragon's Development Program. The program consists of one hour once a week experience, in a FUN and EXCITING environment with FC Porto Dragon Force training and methodology from Europe. We offer three and six month long programs, please select which one you would like to attend in the form below.

Duration & Pricing Information:

  • 1st Term * Fall/Winter: October 16th to December 16th
    • Break from December 18th to January 6th/18
    • January 8th/18 to January 20th/18
  • 2nd Term * Winter/Spring: January 22nd/18 to April 21st/18
    • Break from March 12th/18 to March 17th/18 & March 31st/18 to April 2nd/18
  • 3rd Term * Spring/Summer: June 4th/18 to August 31st/18
    • Break from July 1st/18 to July 7th/18 & July 29th/18 to August 4th

Price Per Term

1 Training Session Per Week - $200.00
2 Training Sessions Per Week - $300.00

We look forward to seeing you on the pitch!

Basic Program Session Information

Basic B1 - Tuesday & Thursday
Basic D1 - Tuesday @ 5:00 PM
Basic D2 - Thursday @ 5:00 PM

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